by Eulah Durham, June 2014

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1. What is the thesis (or central claim) of this text?

The central claim of the article is the power of technology in wiping human beings out of existence. According to the author, the emerging technologies are detrimental to human existence and that human are in the danger of extinction. The author’s central claim is in the phrase, “emerging technologies of the new millennium are rendering humans an endangered species”.

2. What are the author’s motives for writing the text (authorial intent)?

The author has a motive of warning the public on the emerging technologies, which wipes them out of existence. He wants people to pay attention as much as they do to local weather forecast or sports scores. Similarly, his motive is to point out the sources of the human troubles to be as result of “illusions of illimitable power which is referred as technical arrogance” to be responsible.

3. What arguments does the author use to support the thesis?

The author argues that new technologies from scientific developments have caused problems to humanity. He pointed scenarios like overuse of antibiotics, which have lead to stronger viruses; atomic science has lead to bombing of innocent people. Additionally, the author points at robots and nanobots, which have dangerous amplifying factor. He argues, “They can self-replicate and become many and quickly get out of control”.

4. Identify and explain the methods of argumentation used by the author (such as appeals to the intellect or emotions).

The author has used appeals to the emotions by exaggerating the power of robots in putting his argument. He says that robots have amplifying factors, which are detrimental to humanity. The reality from the robot laboratories state, “robots only have brainpower of bacteria” and can only crawl on the floor”. Similarly, the author has used facts in arguing by stating that “emerging technologies are different and far more dangerous”, this is true in today’s world.

5. Identify and explain the assumptions (e.g., cultural, scientific, political, social) the author uses to support the thesis.

The author has used social assumption that human nature is to destroy the world from the emerging technology. He thinks every technology innovated is solely to destroy humanity. The author is against scientific evolution, which creates superior species giving no chance to humanity because of genetic engineering.

6. Identify and explain instances in which the author employs flawed logic or faulty reasoning. Use the “fallacies in reasoning” handout for explanations.

The author has used faulty reasoning in underestimating the power of revolutionary scientific. He feels that every scientific discovery is out to finish humanity not knowing the benefits received from them. He argues that “human are in danger of extinction due to high technology that displaces us” hence sidelining employment and other opportunities. He also uses flawed reasoning in convincing readers on what do not takes place, “evil computer, HAL which murders people in order to dominate”.

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