Writing and Reading Skills

by Min Brust, July 2015

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I had my first experience of reading and writing in the kindergarten. Frankly speaking, I started reading rather late, at the age of five years old. As I was younger, my mother took an alphabet book and tried to teach me the letters. I learnt the letters very quickly and later on I started reading by stems, but I found it difficult to read the whole word at once, as I could read only stems, but I could not combine them till the age of five. What made me start reading? The reluctance of my mother to teach me any more (as she was very disappointed) and the influence of good reading skills of children in the kindergarten made me start reading. I took an alphabet book and started reading it secretly, so that nobody noticed it and in half a year my results were seen. Once, my mother came to the kindergarten, where I was praised for the demonstration of great reading skills. Then, I read short fairy-tales at home and in the kindergarten and was happy to be praised all the time. As soon as I learnt the alphabet and could read perfectly well, I started writing my first books and then letters. I must admit that I had a great success at once. I copied the letters and remembered them quickly. More than that, I remembered the spelling of many difficult words very quickly and could write them without any problems. It is worth mentioning that reading and writing skills are closely dependent. As soon as children learn how to read, they should try writing different words. The more children read, the greater the possibility is that their writing skills will be great as well. To conclude, it is worth mentioning that writing and reading skills are very important as they serve as a solid background for further development, which is really important in a culturally and politically developed …

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