Why the Bahamas is the best place to go on vacation

by Cathrine Schoenfeld, June 2014

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The Bahamas is an archipelago of 700 islands and 2,500 reefs, only 30 of which are inhabitant. In the historic Nassau you can experience the charm of the era of colonization, enjoy modern views of Freeport and the idyll Out Azlends. Trip to the Bahamas is a royal vacation for respectable travelers who can enjoy the beauty of the islands, well developed infrastructure, the mild climate and the possibility of water sports. The Bahamas are created for a break from city life. So, a trip to the Bahamas is the best vacation for exhausted city dwellers.

My research will uncover the advantages of the vacation on the Bahamas: breathtaking views, white sandy beaches, comfortable hotels, places for leisure time and exciting night life. The aim of my research is to persuade people that vacation on the beautiful islands is the best choice for relaxation and renewal of strength. That is why I chose this topic in order to convince the target audience to spend the vacation of their life time on Bahamas.

The target audience of my research can be anyone who is interested in finding the best place to go on vacation. I am sure that vacation on the Bahamas will be interesting for those people who like active recreation, because “variety of cultural experiences and ecological wonders makes Bahama Islands ideal for nature-based activity including kayaking, dolphin experiences, airboat eco-adventures, jeep safaris, scuba diving and bike tours” (Strachan 21).

This topic is very interesting to me because, in my opinion, the Bahamas are the best place in the world in terms of beautiful nature and comfortable places to stay. Moreover, modern busy life raises a question of where to spend the vacation, so a person could take a rest and have pleasant memories. In addition, this topic may be interesting for the target audience, because it may help them to decide on the place of the future vacation.

In order to develop a topic in the best way, I read articles about the Bahamas and different tour guides which helped me to better understand the advantages of vacation on these islands. Tourist reviews available online also gave me a positive feeling that vacation on the Bahamas will leave no one indifferent.

I believe this topic is relevant because many people nowadays face the difficult choice of where to spend their vacation. Moreover, some people who are not keen on tourism know little about the beauty of Bahamas and activities the islands offer to the visitors. That is why my primary aim is to argue that vacation on the Bahamas can become one of the most memorable trips in a person’s life.

In order to persuade the target audience that the Bahamas is the best place to go on vacation, I will use tourist reviews in my research. In my opinion, the experience of the people who spend time on the islands is the best proof of the points I am going to argue. In addition, …

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