Who is to Blame for Child Obesity

by Regina Kauzlarich, June 2014

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The market of the fast food services is probably is a constantly growing and expanding area in our country. In every city it is possible to find fast food vendors everywhere. This industry is gaining more and more popularity nowadays and naturally it does not always have positive consequences. The connection between the growing popularity of fast food vendors and the health problems, especially children’s obesity, is thoroughly described by David Zinczenko in his article "Don't Blame the Eater". The article offers a profound explanation of the expanding influence of the fast food industry in the country. The author also makes it clear that the number of businesses specializing on nutritional food is constantly decreasing which gives even more opportunities for the fast food companies to rise and develop. David Zinczenko was an obese child himself and he blames the fast food businesses for it. He does not remember himself having good opportunities for nutritional food, in and outside of his household. That is why in his article he claims that American children do not have any other option than to eat fast food on regular basis. At first sight this option seems to be quite attractive. Fast food is always quick, cheap, and inexpensive. It is always easy to access. Correspondingly the presence of fast foods vendors in the neighborhood and poor development of nutritional food branch contribute to childhood obesity. In this article I am going to focus on the major findings described in Zinczenko's article and show the reasons and consequences of fast food companies dominating in the American market. However, the author does not give all the reasons explaining children’s obesity and I am going to make the point that the parents and their irresponsible attitude also make a great contribution into the rising problem of obesity.

Zinczenko explains that he had to eat twice a day at fast food companies for a long period of time. As a result, he became obese. At that time the life seemed to be impossible to turn around. Neither the health care system nor the fitness industry could provide a suitable solution for his problem. The author started to pay attention to the fact that fast food shops were located everywhere, offered cheat food and were easy to access. That is why there were no wonder that children were attracted to such places giving preference to fast food rather than to nutritious and natural food. This is the main reason contribution to the trend of childhood obesity. Zinczenko claims that fast food companies do not provide the real information about the calories in the food they sell. It is impossible to find any calorie information charts on fast food packages although such charts are available on all the products sold in grocery stores (Zinczenko 196). In this case the author compares fast food vendors with tobacco companies and states that fast food industry is even more dangerous because it does not spend money on advertising and warning …

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