Which would be the worst sense to lose?

by Aurore Vitela, September 2015

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The Most Important Sense

Naturally, people have five senses, except those having damaged or disabled senses. All of them are necessary to perceive the full picture of the surrounding world, to enjoy its beauty and diversity. It is not hard for us to imagine ourselves having one of the senses disabled. We can close our eyes with a bandage, or we can close our ears and try to do some usual tasks. Though, we cannot turn off for a while the touch sense, which is responsible for pain sensation. If the pain sensation is disabled, it becomes easy to cause injuries to our body which are incompatible with life. It becomes impossible to feel dangerous diseases and cure them on time. I reckon that being able to feel our body is vital for all of us. However, the most important sense for me is sight. Living without the touch sense is dangerous, but not being able to see is even more dangerous for me. I am afraid that if I lose my sight – I will lose my interest in life at that same moment.

Sight lose would curtail almost all of my daily activities, except sleep and eating, which are necessary for life. I would not be able to take a walk outside without escort, write an email to my friend, and fully enjoy the company of people I love. Sight is important for every activity in our life, but we start to realize that huge importance only when we close our eyes and try to live like that. I think, it would be hardly possible to enjoy our life without this sense.

I would miss all of activities, such as: meeting with friends, jogging, walking outside, chatting with friends over the internet, going to musical concerts and being able to see the show. These activities are important for both: normal functioning and joy. The sight lose would cause big difficulties even in such a simple activity as going to the market for food. Even though, modern world becomes friendlier to people with different kinds of disabilities, it cannot give you the pleasure of experiencing its beauty to the …

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