Ways of African-American protests in America

by Shalonda Fogel, April 2015

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1. Discuss some of the ways in which blacks were protesting their status in America. Specifically the use of organized labor, communist party, media outlets, etc. Be specific and cite examples.

Under an influence of acute party-political struggle in the 30's. there are significant changes in ideological and political attitudes of Negro movement, there is a tendency of convergence struggle of African Americans to a struggle against segregation vanguard of the workers for social and economic rights. This could not disturb ruling circles of the United States. A direct consequence of a growth of organization and a political significance of African-American protest was led by the administration of Franklin D. Roosevelt, which affected some aspects of racial discrimination: in 1941 for a first time in a history of the United States signed a presidential order prohibiting discriminatory practices in a defense industry, and in the U.S. Congress were heated debates about vital for African Americans, to ban lynching for 8 years (from 1934 to 1941). Through these measures, the bourgeois-reformist, the U.S. government hoped to bring down a severity and intensity of mounting a Negro movement.

The administration led by Franklin D. Roosevelt (1933-1945), went to carry out a wide range of liberal-reformist activities undertaken to eliminate, or at least blunt the sharpness of social conflicts that have engulfed the American society. Socio-economic activities carried out in the 30's. Democratic administration for the first time raised a position of Negro workers, and although not to break barriers of segregation and an impact on a material status of many African Americans. This has led to millions of Negro voters traditionally have pinned their hopes for a better life with the Republicans (a party of Lincoln) and began to move quickly to a side of their opponents in a two-party system. The mid-1930s. become an important part of electorate Democrats.

A Negro problem in the United States it is a minority that exposed by double oppression like race and class - on a part of monopoly capital and protect his interests of a bourgeois state.

The depression was also a memorable period in which black Americans made an invaluable contribution to American culture in general. There are was a tangible success by black people in music, arts and sports.

A new generation of black jazz musicians transformed black music model to a modern art model that was recognized as worldwide admiration and emulation. These positive changes occurred against a back-drop of entrenched racism. Although some African Americans found satisfying jobs in film and radio, many others were excluded or relegated to demeaning, stereotypical roles.


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