Waiting for Superman

by Ok Hiltz, June 2014

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The percentage of children who graduate from my high school is approximately eighty two per cent (82%) per annum. This is higher than in most high schools in the movie as revealed by Davis Guggenheim. There is a high probability that students will fall out from these schools rather than graduate. My college choices will be based on the need to improve the current education systems to ensure a high percentage of students graduate in all schools. Like Geoffrey Canada, I would like to make a direct impact in the creation of more charter schools. This movie comes in handy because it highlights issues affecting our community. Many students receive little or no cooperation from their teachers as far as their studies are concerned. Slowly but surely, these students give up on education. Teachers are reluctant to give the extra effort that would see a student improve in their test scores. We see that Francisco has difficulty reading. Despite the intervention of his mother, his teacher sticks to her guns. She is not willing to get out of her comfort zone and offer extra tuition that would see Francisco improve. As highlighted by Canada, scores dwindle from B to C to D to F from 8th to 12th grades.Moreover, a number of very bright students end up performing below expectation because of poor learning environments. Despite being in a suburban school, that produces high-test scores, Emily’s performance drops to the bottom level. It is evident that students’ futures are uncertain every day because their chances of joining good schools are limited and determined by systems such as the lottery. Daisy is waiting to join a KIPP school in eighth grade by way of lottery. Another student, Bianca, is unable to graduate because she owes school fees. Striking features of the American public education system that were very oblivious to me have been revealed. It is disturbing that the local authorities grossly misappropriate money allocated to improvement of public schools by the federal government. Furthermore, it is unfair that resources lie undistributed in district offices. This is evident from the visit to the central office by Michelle Rhee. It is ironical that Secondly, Teachers’ Unions are bent on obstructing learning activities. It is disturbing that disciplinary measures to errant members are quite relaxed. The movie shows a scene where learning barely takes place because a teacher is reading a newspaper. Ironically, this teacher is not sacked. Her rights are protected and she remains on payroll. One question begs, what happens to progress of these unprotected children?In addition to this, Bill Gates makes a surprising revelation. He contends that companies are obliged to hire globally because of unqualified staff in America. The year 2020 predictions show that only 50 million people will be eligible for high technology employment. In view of these statistics, there is need to revamp the entire education system. Policies need to be developed to monitor how huge amounts injected into the education sector to …

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