Visual Art that is not Considered Art

by Mathilde Sisco, June 2015

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Visual Art is not Considered Art

Appliqué is not considered “art” by most of the art world. There are various types of appliqué, depending on the material chosen, technique used to create the appliqué and image created. I believe that appliqué is a valid form of art because it requires wide imagination, particular skills, and the final work demonstrates vision of the creator. Appliqué does not necessarily pictures some images the way they are - frequently creativity is used to depict some visuals and interpretation is needed to understand the idea of the author.

Some people disagree that appliqué might be a visual art because, to their opinion, it does not demonstrate anything new and does not involve making anything – people just see an object and choose various materials, give them the same shape and combine them together in the ways which are the easiest for them.

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