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by Charlene Tinker, June 2014

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The World Bachelor of Business will require a focused student targeting to work as an executive in the global market. The degree will require skills like business acumen, networking abilities, proactive thinking. This is because the degree is aims at imparting business skills from various economies of the world, which will require integrity, self-drive, interest in globalization and the diversity of business cultures.

By learning in three universities in three continents of the world, the degree will try to provide an experience of the diversity in world business. In addition, the degree exposes the students to different cultures and languages, which necessary experience and skills in conduction business and dealing with various cultures. To meet this, the degree has international renowned scholars and teachers from the business field. Moreover, by placing students in different placement offices, the degree gives a chance to interact with prospective employers from different parts of the world.

The degree is vital given the need to understand the business dynamics of Asia, especially China whose emerging economy and rapid growth makes it a future global power. Learning and experiencing the Chinese business practices and culture, will explain why China’s economic growth and development model is a threat to U.S. global power. This lesson can offer practical business practices that an international company can use.

Contributions to the Bachelor of World Business include business and cultural experiences, skills and knowledge gained from the community by sharing with WWB students. The skills of interaction with people and an interest in learning are the key abilities required to assist in adapting in new environments.


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