Unlocking Mysteries of the Parthenon

by Katharina Ralls, June 2014

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The current article deals with numerous issues which are related to the Parthenon. What is questioned by the article is how people managed to build such a temple. Its greatness and complexity are described in the article and its main idea is that despite the fact that archaeologists revealed many secrets of the process of construction, numerous issues still remain to be not clear. The greatest part of the process of building is described through comparison of the construction process with the one of modern restoration.

One more central idea of the article is greatness of the temple – the text describes numerous issues which contribute to this feature. The process of reconstruction is described as well, including its expenses and outcomes.


The article covers a great range of issues which are related to the Parthenon, such as its equipment, functioning, the process of restoration, etc. Author of the article comes back to the 450 BC to mention the Acropolis campaign and explain how it was related to building of the Parthenon.

As it has been already mentioned above, the building faced reconstruction and it is described to the fullest, including its costs and differences which could be identified in the work of ancient Greeks and modern reconstruction.

A great part of evidence which contributes to revealing of the secrets of the Parthenon is related to findings of Haselberg; the article covers numerous issues which are connected with the process of construction of the building, however, the author reminds the readers that numerous mysteries of the Parthenon remain to be unsolved and because of this archeologist continue their work to contribute to the knowledge of modern people about achievements of the …

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