University of Oxford website review

by Wyatt Defelice, June 2014

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The site under consideration is the one of the University of Oxford. The author has chosen it as one of many examples of college and university sites in order to find out if information provided by them is restricted and interesting only for students of a particular university, or various and aimed at a broader audience.

After close examination of the site, it became clear that the information can be very useful for other universities students and people of different professions.

One cannot deny that Oxford positions its site as a sort of the Internet temple of education. Focusing on activities connected with the university, developers look much wider, giving every person food for a thought.

Design of the site comprises in itself such features as restraint, innovation, high usability and convenience. To start with, the background is of rather dark, but very pleasant and at the same time strict, blue color. At the first sight, it becomes obvious that this site is dedicated to either an educational of governmental organization due to its strictness and, as mentioned, above, darkness. On the other hand, looking closer, a user can see that it is really innovative, motivating and full of useful information.

At the top of the homepage there is the search service, which is really convenient. It embraces a number of features at the same time.

We can see a photo with a menu right below the search. As a user chooses one page of the menu or another, photos change. They all are bright and related to the topic of a particular tab.

It strikes from the very beginning that, when the site opens, the first menu page that catches a user’s eye is news. This presupposes that owners of the site are interested in a much wider range of things than just education itself. Additionally, they are intended to convince users that news is an indelible part of the process of education. It should be mentioned that the variety of news topics is really surprising. Here we can read about low-income countries that face high burden of epilepsy and about Children's Minister, Edward Timpson MP, who has launched a new centre aimed at researching fostering and education. Arts blog follows the news. They both are parts on the media menu, where, among other subjects, one can read science blog, get acquainted with new books from different, publishers, not just Oxford University Press, etc. The information is up-to-date and is evidently being renewed very often.

From other pages we can find out about famous Oxonians, Olympic news, student funding, different campaigns and information on global health. Surely, all this information is connected to various projects, which the University of Oxford takes part in. However, taking into consideration the level of international, our even global, integrity, it can be useful for people from different universities, colleges, schools and not educational organizations all over the world.

Then goes explicit information about the university, its structure, colleges, activities in the home country and abroad.

To conclude, it is important to mention …

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