TV violence and children

by Craig Arzola, May 2015

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Throughout centuries, people have strived to invent different things to make their lives easier and more comfortable. In today’s epoch of globalization and scientific revolution, technological industry is in its prime, and hardly anyone can imagine their lives without technological advances. Perhaps, the “apex” of the scientific revolution and one of the main cultural artifacts of the 20th century is television. Indeed, TV offers a wonderful alternative to our routine life, but never else is the influence of television on people more profound than in childhood. It is a well-known fact that nowadays, TV is considered the child’s guide to the world of adults and it plays an essential role in educating a child and shaping his/her personality.

However, when watching TV, children often encounter lots of things to which they may be unprepared and which may be harmful to their psychological well-being. TV programs displaying cases of murder, rape, terrorist attacks, assault and other atrocious incidents are just few of such things. I do believe that television violence and its extremely bad influence on children is one of the thorniest issues in today’s society. Of course, one would say that our world is a cruel place to live in, so people have to get used to violence since the very childhood. Besides, television provides children with useful information that not every teacher or parent is able to explain to a child.

Still, in my opinion, children are not psychologically and emotionally mature to react adequately to the violence on TV. Not only does TV violence bring harm to a child’s psyche, but it also causes children to become more aggressive themselves. I have heard of a psychological survey proving that children who spend too much time in front of their TV screens are becoming apathetic to seeing acts of violence and even start considering violence an effective method of solving any problem. I believe that such children are also less sensitive to pain and suffering of the people around them, they have more phobias and they are afraid of the surrounding world.

Therefore, it goes without saying that our society ought to protect our children from the negative impact of media, TV in particular. I believe that certain bills must be passed by our government to restrict access of children to violent TV programs. Still, the main responsibility lies on parents who should control their children’s leisure time and ensure that they are not exposed to too much violence on TV. In a word, children are our future, and unless we want to live in an aggressive and violent society full of emotionally unstable delinquents, we must protect children from negative impacts, TV violence being one of them.


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