The Standard of Living

by Shalonda Fogel, June 2014

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The research concerns the living in such countries as New Zealand, Mexico, Germany, Singapore, and Japan. As it can be seen in the table, all the countries have different rates in different indicators. To compare all the countries and thus their living standards some calculations were done. According to these calculations some conclusions could be drawn.

First Gross National Product (GNP) was analysed. As the figures show Singapore has the greatest one. On the contrary, Mexico has the least one. It affirms the fact that the way of living in Singapore and in Mexico is rather different. But this fact is only suitable for capitals. If considering smaller towns, the situation can be different. As for New Zealand, Germany, and Japan, their GNPs are almost in the same level.

The next figure under analysis was inflation. Here is Japan, which has not even the least but negative rate of inflation. It shows the fact of Japanese currency stability. Japanese people are definitely sure in their future. But the situation is not the same for Mexico. It has the greatest level in inflation. As it was said above, Mexico’s GNP is the least. That is why, according to the analysis, the standard of living in Mexico is rather low. However, the whole picture could be understood only after all the figures analysis. When analysing inflation in New Zealand, Germany, and Singapore, it is seen that its rate is almost the same for all three countries.

The greatest problem for all the countries is unemployment. Figures show that all the countries have rather great number of unemployed people. Germany has the greatest one. It could seem rather surprising that the leader of unemployment among these countries is Germany. People in German are always considered as hard-working. However, the fact could be easily explained by a great number of old people living in Germany. Singapore has the least unemployment rate. It could be easily explained by its tourism industry, its development and, as a result, new jobsites appearance.

Japanese people live the longest lives. The same situation is in Singapore. As for Japan, this fact is explained by their food and moderate way of life. German people are rather pedantic in most of the questions. Anyway, the fact of long living should be admitted for all the countries under analysis.

As it can be seen in the table, the most educated people live in New Zealand. All other countries are almost at the same level. According to such figures, it could be said that all the countries pay rather great attention to education and its development.

The next rate could not be fairly distributed between all the countries because of the different amount of population in all the countries. However, the greatest number of working people is in Japan. People there work till their extreme old age and they work almost all the time without vacations.

The number of urban population was also analysed. Singapore is an absolute leader in this analysis. As table …

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