The Role of the Geriatric Nurse Practitioner

by Krystle Hadley, June 2014

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The achievements professional’s in the fields of science and medicine are unbelievable nowadays. Numerous illnesses and diseases can be cured now, some of which were considered life-threatening and untreatable a few years ago. The progress is constantly moving, prolonging the life of the people and brining better health options for individuals all over the world, especially in developed and strong countries.

Nevertheless, it is sometimes forgotten that this progress also has certain disadvantages that require certain changes in the health care system and every medical institution that there exists (American Nurses Association, 2010). The population is unstoppably growing older and there is no way to stop the essential process of changes that occur in organisms’ of individuals with certain time. With life prolongation various conditions occur that include but are not limited to pressure ulcers, cardiovascular diseases, respiratory disorders, genitourinary disturbances, diabetes mellitus, endovascular problems, mental issues, and so on.

To provide adequate and appropriate nursing care for older individuals it is important to research and understand what geriatric nursing is and how to develop this necessary and vital branch of medicine (American Nurses Association, 2010; GNAOntario, 2004). Gerontology has been a rather popular field of choice among nurses as there exist job opportunities in various medical facilities and environments. In the world we live in and with the tendencies that are occurring these days it is important to understand that gerontology will be somehow related to almost every field and area of medical research and practice.

Geriatric nursing is a subfield of nursing, which deals with providing care for older individuals in and outside of the medical establishments. Older individuals have different needs, than younger ones, which means that they require special kind of treatment that can become a very complex assignment for individuals who are not specialized in this particular subfield of nursing due to lack of knowledge and experience. Numerous older people have a need of receiving extended special health care from medical professionals, which means that an individual who will provide care has to take additional classes or courses in the geriatric nursing to meet the specific requirements that a patient has (GNAOntario, 2004). Along with regular nursing services, a geriatric nurse has to provide psychological and emotional support for these type of patients, look after their mental health, as well as look out for the medical conditions that can come forward in the elderly.

Gerontologica nursing is a rather new subfield of nursing. The National Gerontological Nursing Association was created in 1984 (National Gerontological Nursing Association). Later on, in the year of 1985 the Registered Nurses’ Association of Ontario gave out a very significant paper that gave a strong push towards the development of this area – “The Healthcare Needs of Older Persons.”

This document discussed four most important areas, which required modifications: direct care, the environment and community, education, and advocacy (GNAOntario, 2004). In that paper specific methods of implementation the changes were identified and outlined, one of which was, in fact, concentrated on the growth and …

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