The importance of Community Service

by Wyatt Defelice, May 2015

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Currently, I am a volunteer at the Mission on Poplar, Memphis, TN. I have been for one year at the mission and during this year I have been giving my service three days a week. Those days I met people of various professions, people who come from various backgrounds, have different race, culture, religion, social status, income, etc. Many of them shared some similar features, while problems of each one were unique.

There were multiple issues about case of each one of them. However, health care provision was the most important of them. I always knew that there are people who do not have any access to good health care, but when I faced them, I realized the whole complexity of their problems.

What is the most terrible is that many of people who cannot afford paying for appropriate living conditions are left to die on the streets; they have no access to information, telling them where help could be found or how to survive.

The mission allowed me to understand that it is impossible to save each of those people who need help. However, continuous trying to do good and provide people with help they need so much might make a significant contribution both to their lives and life of the society they live in.

The mission taught me that what we hear about difficulties of living on the streets is one thing, but the reality is another – it is much more difficult, more complex and helping hand is nearly the only thing which might help people with such problems. Thus, helping more and more every day is the only way out, it is the only way to save thousands of people and promote principles of humanity in the society.


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