The Form of a Teacher

by Song Hankin, June 2014

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What Makes a Teacher Genuine?

Teachers are those people who affect our life every day, even subconsciously. They are a source of encouragement and support for the students. That is why their task is to be a good example. A great teacher is some kind of a mix of a parent and a friend. Surely, teachers should show discipline, but at the same time there has to be fun, interest, and creativity. However, not everybody is able to be a teacher. When you are creative and funny, but without any discipline measures, students are distracted. Sure, there should be some formula to help any student to learn and to give him a desire to listen and study.

The main thing is to have control over the class. It does not mean being rough and having no fun. A teacher needs to put a line to be clear for any student not to cross. It also can help to gain respect from any student. When this respect is got, it creates really refreshed and new atmosphere. Respectful teachers are more listened to and thus giving students the opportunity to learn more. Respect may sometimes mean some kind of fear. Continuous threats, warning and allowances are not a great basis for children to be interested in learning. It is better for teacher to be honest. This feature helps to get much better results than that in the case with going a halfway with the authority. At the same time, teacher is not the only person to lead the children .There has to be an interaction between the teacher and parents or guardians. When a parent has an opportunity to see how the teacher genuinely takes care about children and meets his or personal needs at the same time, it can help to feel more comfortable with the teacher and more supportive to the child.

These rules is not the only thing which provides being really good teacher or even a genuine. A person, who wants to be a teacher, or who already is, should develop both knowledge about the subject she teaches and knowledge about the profession. Teacher should show confidence, be patient and have faith in her- himself. Unless a teacher has these qualities, he will not be able to inspire them in students. One more important thing is understanding between teacher and student. Ordinary five-year child cannot understand molecular physics. At the same time, talking about teddy bears could be boring for a grown-up. Teacher is a person to find a golden mean to help any student to improve. Willingness to learn can make any person genuine. This quality is vitally important for any teacher. Teaching is a two way process, some kind of “circulation of knowledge”. A good teacher recognizes the opportunity to learn from the students as much as they learn from this teacher.

How could it happen for teacher to be a genuine? It is any teacher’s duty. A teacher cannot have double standards. …

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