The Family Dinner is Dead

by Ernie Jeffress, June 2014

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Some of the suggestions made in the video are true for my family. However, I would not say that the family dinner is dead. It would be dead if the families did not want to gather together, but now people simply may not have such an opportunity. This is why I think that while the tradition of family dinners may be less popular these days, families still find opportunities to spend time together – so this is just a natural flow of things.

We used to eat together very often, but since my Dad passed away, we rarely do so. My sister is in the college now, which is why she is away a lot; and I have to train extensively. However, when my mom insists, I always share a meal with her, though sometimes I hurry and eat very fast. Another problem is that we have different diets. It is a pity that we rarely sit together at dinner, but I do not feel that there is something missing, because me and my Mom still spend a lot of time talking – for example, when we are going somewhere in the car.

I think that our situation is quite common for a modern family. People are much busier than they were before, and the schedules of the family members may be too different for them to gather at the same table at the same time. However, it does not mean that we have less time for conversations and do not want to spend time together – we simply use other opportunities for communication. So, family dinners may be rare nowadays, but it is inevitable for some traditions to change with time or to be replaced with something more fitting for the new lifestyle.

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