The Exorcist

by Shalanda Bacchus, June 2014

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In the course of story the author acquaints the reader with a girl Regan and the reader instantaneously feels sympathy for her. However through the course of the story a sudden suspense that there is something wrong with her builds up. First encounter with Regan presents her in the following light :

She looked at her daughter, at the turned-up nose and freckled face, and on a quick warm impulse leaned over the bed and kissed her cheek.(page 11)

Furthermore, author builds up a nice and cozy atmosphere of warm morning that adds up to the feeling of warmth and family coziness.

However, in the course of the story the reader feels that Regan is getting bleaker and more sullen with creates suspicion of something bad happening.

Chris stifled a gasp. Her daughter’s features were contorting into malevolent mask: lips pulling tautly into different directions, tumefied tongue lolling wolfish from her mouth.

2.A. Through novel Regan changes and undergoes transformations and we can see that an evil spirit, a first it is not so dramatic and there is just a little suspicion, however with a development of the plot it gets worse. However author manages to support readers love for Regan. First of all, the reader sees her from the point of view of her mother, who obviously loves her. Furthermore, there are a lot of small remarks that shows her tenderness and kindness.

B. Chris McNeil is an actress that is a part of a new film being sht. Even though she does not tell a lot about her life style we can see that she does not believe in God and supports no religion. Furthermore, it is mentioned on many occasions that she tends to avoid clergymen and everything closely connected to religion, therefore it is not strange that evil spirit chose to appear in her life.

C. The character of Detective Kinderman is key figure that moves the story along. He gives the reader additional information that comes from outside ad is unbiased as far as he sees it differently. Furthermore, by providing additional details detective helps the author to develop the story.

D. The prologue to the story, helps a lot to create atmosphere. It builds up suspicion that something bad is about t happen. First of all, nature is described as hostile , which alerts the reader immediately, secondly the connection between the life after death and the way we lead our existence on Earth is highlighted …

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