The Effective Student

by Albertina Lebron, June 2014

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It appears that quite a few individuals never master successful studying behaviors during their high school years. Therefore, they could have difficulties in the course of their initial semester at college. Students must discover the way they learn most effectively, since, for example, a lot of people are not able to produce a great essay at 4 AM with the loud music and the television turned on. Despite the fact that bad learning habits could result in the student's learning difficulties, which lead to disappointment, he could grow to be connected by becoming a member of clubs, music bands, or sports activities that will aid an individual to have more good friends while managing his life, hence turning him into a more content student. Therefore, students need to plan their time and get engaged!

School shouldn't just concern school work. One needs to discover a pastime that his school can suggest, and he needs to be a part of it, whenever his schedule makes it possible for him. However, many individuals have a more difficult time adapting to school compared to others and could think that success is very unlikely. Nevertheless, a student could be effective in a number of ways, including appearing on time for school, maintaining an assignment note pad, and balancing his time.

In order for a student to be effective, he needs to start by coming to school on time. To be able to accomplish this, he needs to make arrangements for next morning on the previous night, for instance, pressing his clothes; this will help him save him a minimum of 5 to 10 minutes the next day, and he might possibly utilize that time to go through the daily news or get rid of the trash. Next, a student needs to buy an alarm clock. After purchasing it, he needs to set his clock a couple of hours prior to the first class appointed. He needs his alarm to awake him with a bothersome sound instead of the sound of relaxing songs. He should likewise fight back the desire to use the snooze button, that may make him get late for class.

Through some basic planning, he will get enough time to get ready and consume a nutritious meal. He can have 15 minutes to take a stimulating shower that can wake up his sensory faculties; 5 minutes to brush his teeth; 10 minutes to get clothed; 20 minutes to get to school; and 10 minutes to arrive at his seat. As a result of doing such day-to-day activities in the designated time, the student should learn to stick to schedule and get on time for school every day.

Another piece of advice for the potentially effective student is to use an assignment note pad. This note pad can aid him in numerous ways; he might begin by writing down all test dates and necessary readings right after …

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