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by Dovie Spinney, June 2014

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The aim of education is to provide students with a complex of knowledge and skills that are to be used in future life and professional activity in particular. Besides, it also must teach students how to learn and where to get information, how to differ important data from less important. In fact, education is about how to teach students to pattern their behavior on the environment and objectively analyze the circumstances. The globalization process is now highly developed and every person should know much to keep up with the modern world. Globalization gave a huge incitement to the internationalization and the latter made it possible to study abroad. Nowadays more and more students choose to study in foreign countries, so it is important to identify the main reasons of this tendency.

Education is not only about self-development, it is about becoming highly competitive at the labour market. The more educated and skilled a job seeker is, the better are his/her chances to find a well-paid job, which, by-turn, can provide better living conditions. Studying abroad means living in a completely different environment, so it is an evidence in favor of a person’s adaptability, which is a very precious quality for a potential employee: people that can easily adjust are ingenious and able to make innovative decisions. Taking into account the speed of modern life, when many variable factors should be taken into account, adaptability is important, so students often decide to study abroad to get essential experience and become steadier and more accommodating under various circumstances.

Internationalization means not only various connections among countries: it influences the mode of doing business too. Many corporations open their branches in different countries, so they require specialists that are familiar not only with their national culture, laws and general rules in business area, but also the characteristics of the country where certain company originates.

Other obvious reason why students decide to study abroad is the urge to learn foreign languages in the natural environment, surrounded by native speakers. For example, the number of US students that go study to countries where English is not the primary language is increasing, which is explained by the same desire to broaden their knowledge and to be competitive in the modern globalized world (2011). However, most students choose Western Europe countries’ educational institutions, such as United Kingdom, Spain, France, Italy. It enables them to get not only knowledge that differs from native, but also the life experience and excellent language practice.

It is important to mention that the primary aim of some students that go study abroad is not to become a more valuable employee in the native country, but to get a chance to stay where they study. It may be connected with the difference in living standards between native and foreign nations, while studying in other country grants its traditional education, knowledge of language and culture, which may be very useful for those who plan to immigrate there.

Actually, the value of education may be a crucial factor …

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