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by Rivka Saville, June 2014

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Event management is a relatively new discipline, yet it has been developing at a very fast rate. The demand for organization of events within the cultural, tourist, sports, etc. sectors is growing. The group managing such events has to be competent and resourceful, as these projects have complex nature. There are many issues that can challenge project managers, including political, economic, sociocultural ones, and the like. Organizing an international movie premiere epitomizes the above-mentioned challenges because of the number of parties concerned. Poor management of this event will have multiple negative consequences for the reputation of the company, local authorities, city dwellers, etc. One of the most challenging aspects of event management is safety. There are many risks in the context of safety when having to oversee a film premiere which can be mitigated through enhanced internal control of the teamwork, competent interaction with the police, compliance of the facilities’ security systems with the declared standards, and appropriate budgeting policies.

Background of the Issues Accompanying a Movie Premiere Event

One of the major catalysts of immense public interest anywhere and anytime is an international film premiere. Organizing such an event poses multiple challenges for all of the parties concerned. Its management is further complicated by the budget responsibilities and the number of stakeholders involved. The case presented in this paper evolves around the premiere of the latest blockbuster in a native city of the director. A local event planning company has been contacted by a major studio, promoting the film, with a request to plan and manage the whole event. This company has been chosen for having an excellent reputation for its previous work in the local cultural sector. However, it has never indulged in a project of such grand scale before. Still, the company’s management decided to accept that offer, as it would produce multiple positive effects on the company’s operation and development. It would allow it to enter a new market segment, raise the bar for employee performance, and be a very effective promotional tool.

The company’s management was aware of a number of issues that would accompany that specific event management case. Firstly, an adequate reception of international guests and movie stars had to be organized. The availability of hotel commodities of the relevant quality had to be ensured. Secondly, the film premiere of an international blockbuster consists of a series of “mini-events,” like holding parties for guests and stars, autograph sessions, photo shoots, interviews with the stars, etc. Apart from negotiating with the local cinematographic facilities for a date, capacity, and compensation, the event planning company had to deal with the anticipated public dissatisfaction resulting from the increased tourist traffic and augmenting media activity. For instance, residents of the houses adjacent to the movie theatre would have to suffer from certain restrictions (for instance, not being able to access a specific area) and noise. Additionally, there might be excessive scrutiny of the local life by the arriving national and international media. Thirdly, the event planning company had …

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