Sports Strategies

by Sam Lemos, June 2014

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The purpose of the present paper is to describe defensive and offensive strategies of 5 five different kinds of sport that include volleyball, basketball, flag football, softball and soccer.


Defensive strategy. There are two main strategies in this game: zone defense and man-to-man defense. The second of them suppose that defense player cover a determined offensive player that means that each defender blocks out specific offensive player. That is appropriate for teams with strong outside shooting manner of game.

Offensive strategy. The most popular is pick-and-roll strategy. In this case offensive player stands on the way for protecting another offensive player with the ball. In this case both of them are moving and defensive players have to make a choice which of them to cover. Hence, there is a situation when either player with ball has an open shot or another one has an easy layup.


Defensive strategy. On of the most applicable is “perimeter defense strategy” that supposes that back-row players are standing along the perimeter of the court with one foot on the line. That allows them to control situation when the ball goes out and move to the center of the court when it is necessary.

Offensive strategy. The choice of strategy influence ob the players positioning on the court. It could be 4-2; 6-2; 5-1 (first number means the number of hitters, the second – setters on the floor). In case of 6-2 there are 6 hitters and 2 setters that assumes that 1 setter goes from back row to the front line and has 3 hitters. The second setter takes the responsibilities of the first one and controls the back row.

Flag football

Defensive strategy. The zone defense is one of the strategies when the team has no ball. It means that each defender controls a specific area that gives an opportunity to keep an eye on the receiver and quarterback at the same time and predict the possibility of the spot. This is an area defense.

Offensive strategy. Misdirection is the key strategy for flag football that supposes using so-called “trick-play” as this game is the game of speed. That could include passes to halfbacks, reverses, offensive lineman pass and so on. The more combination will be found, the more advantage the tem will get in a short period of time.


Defensive strategy. One of the strategies for soccer is double-teaming (doubling) attackers (see Picture 1 below). In this case two defenders pressure the “enemy” making it’s impossible to go around them. As it is visible from the picture is the Attacker 1 moves to the left, his only option is move to the right side right in a hands of the second fullback. However, there is a chance to avoid them if two defenders are too far from each other, so their duty …

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