Sport and the Media

by Otelia Barratt, May 2015

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Nowadays media greatly focuses on sports and games and this is why front and back pages of newspapers always contain some news about sport. Talking about sport news, it is important to mention that the news have three main components: a) how to be physical, b) about different competitions and of course c) rules and regulations. Defining media, it is possible to say that this is a certain form of communication with an emphasis on mass communication. Types of mass communication are known as newspapers and magazines, television, internet and radio. According to Nicholson, media is variety of occupations, people, organisations, texts and artefacts (Nicholson, 2007). From here it is easy to see how media and sport are connected. The matter is that any sport event, achievement, failure or controversy can be greatly used and commented by the media. Moreover, sport and media have significant relationships and while being always connected and interdependent, each of them works autonomously. Using each other as important sources of information, sport and media create so-called Sport Media Nexus (SMN). Realizing the strong connected between sport and media, nexus is used making more opportunities for both sport and media. As a matter of fact, sport media industry is an extremely competitive branch that includes television, websites and newspapers that are searching for sport breaking news. Nicholson names four SMN drivers i.e. “technology, commercialisation, convergence and globalisation (Nicholson, 2007).” However, it is only the beginning. Maguire comments on the Media-Sport Complex (MSC), defining “three key groups, sport organisations, media and marketing organisations and media personnel (Maguire, 1991).” Additionally, The MSC is important for defining the role of sport and media in the production. Week 3 - Conceptual Frame for Sport & Media Analysis While talking about connection and relationship between sport and television, one can define three main themes of it. First of all, these themes are strongly connected and interrelated with each other and this guarantees them success. As a matter of fact, in the middle of the twenties century just when the advent of television took place, that time was the beginning of the relationship between sport and the media. The three themes mentioned previously are globalisation, commodification and modification. According to Nicholson “television globalised sport (Nicholson, 2007).” In other words, globalisation appears in sport as it has been introduced to milions of people all over the world. Moreover, the most important sport events are always broadcast on TV. Among them are the FIFA World Cup, ICC World Cup and the Olympic Games, etc. Commodification has added money to relationship between sport and television what makes it all more valuable and exciting. This is how an amateur pursuit can transform into a highly commercialised activity.It is quite inevitable that modern technologies and progress has brought modification into sport as well. Moreover, modification has been made to cater for television. For instance, when an AFL game is broadcasted, the umpire cannot re-bounce the football until the broadcaster gives a signal to resume play. …

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