Science, Technology, Math and the Environment for Young Children

by Phyliss Glover, April 2015

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Task 1: Exploring Science

Reference Books and Picture Books

All of the books presented below are illustrated with large colorful pictures and contain important descriptions.

Trains by Seymour Simon is a perfect scientific book for pre-school children describing various types of trains, starting from the old ones diesel trains to France’s TGV (running 400mph on average). There are colorful illustrations included for every type of train. The book has many positive reviews from happy parents.

Winter's Tail: How One Little Dolphin Learned to Swim Again by Craig Hatkoff, Juliana Hatkoff and Isabella Hatkoff is a book presenting a dolphin’s story named Winter. Winter was caught into a crab trap when she was small and her tail was damaged. She recovered and received a new prosthetic tail in the Aquarium. The story is very exciting and inspirational.

Weather by Seymour Simon is a well-illustrated book printed with large text. The book explores the Earth’s rotation, wind forming, natural water cycle, and many other weather forming factors. The book is designated for pre-school audience so it is easy to read.

Web Sites

Tjapukai Aboriginal Cultural Park HYPERLINK "" is a place where children can get familiar with the traditional Australian Tjapukai culture. Children can explore traditional music, dance, and storytelling of Australia.

There are many different animals in the world, especially in Australia. Luckily there is a web site which can introduce you them in a friendly way HYPERLINK "" . The site is focused on Australian animals only.

The web site Learning Planet is designed to help children and teachers to explore the World HYPERLINK "" . It can be used by pre-school children as well as by children up to 7th grade.

Science Experiments

Mixing oil and water is an easy and fun experiment to start with. We need a few tablespoons of oil and a few tablespoons of water colored with food coloring and a bottle. Poor the water and oil to the bottle, shake it and see how oil separates from water.

For the Static Electricity Experiment we will need two balloons, child’s hair and woolen. Balloon need to be rubbed against the woolen fabric. The hair and another balloon will be attracted to the rubbed one.

Chocolate melting experiment is the tastiest one. The experience is simple and exciting for kids. Several pieces of chocolate have to be melted on kitchen.

Skills and Knowledge

Children develop a set of skills such as problem solving, inquiry, experimentation, hypothesising, researching and investigating. This is evident, for example, when children: Think of the processes reasons and consequences, when they compare the experienced processes with yet to be experienced.

Task 2: Technology

Reference Books and Picture Books

Book of Trucks by Seymour Simon describes the various types of trucks, how they are used and what they are able to do. The book can be used by pre-school kids. It is easy to read and well-illustrated.

Let's Try It Out with Towers and Bridges : Hands-On Early-Learning Activities by Seymour Simon is a book exploring the structure of …

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