"Resolving Ethical Business Challenges"

by Andree Northcutt, June 2014

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Frank had to convince Otis for to buy equipment from Thermocare. Salesman managed to do it twice by offering relatively cheap compliments. For the first time, he proposed to go to a Cubs game, and, for the second time, he invited him and his wife in Cancun.

The third method was the organization of a party in Las Vegas, which in my opinion, was too much. Despite the fact that the company was able to further cajole their business partners, such actions are not ethical. In particular, visiting "adult entertainment" clubs with their business partners. If this information gets out, it will strongly strike on the company's image.

To make ethics a part of Acme's core organizational structure, first of all, it is necessary to establish the principles and values. It is the basis of any corporate culture and decisionmaking. According to Gibson (2007), business ethics appeals to people who have a strong sense of role morality (p. 6-7). Without values and principles, there will no morality. In this case, Amber and Frank should rethink their ways of dealing with partners and start to distinguish what is appropriate and what is not in the business relations.

Secondly, the company should realize why it is indispensable to implement an ethics culture. There is a variety of reasons, but the main and general is that companies that have a strong corporate culture, in most cases are more successful. As a consequence, they are more profitable. However, it is not a universal statement, and there are debates about this (Ferrell, Fraedrich & Ferrell, 2011). In any case, the objective should be set up.

There are lots of ethical issues about which Frank should be aware. Some of the basic are bellow.

The first ethical issue about which he should be aware is ethical relativism. In other words, it is a complex of values that seem to be universal and applicable in every country. Some critics think that these values do not exist in a clear form. In any case, Frank should be aware about it.

The second ethical issue to be aware is the truth telling. Again, there is no common opinion about whether a person should tell the truth every time or not. This issue comprises bluffing in business. My opinion is that lie or bluffing is unacceptable and not ethical. Still, keep some confidential or secret information back is reasonable.

Finally, he should be aware about professional relationship. Despite the effectiveness, It is not ethical to spend time with your partner by visiting clubs for adults.

If the franc wield the moral norms, principles and values, it will benefit the company's image. Solutions will be flexible and at the same time, adequate.

However, decisions made on the basis of principles and values may not always be proper. It all depends on how a person interprets them. Frank needs to understand the importance of his actions and not to go to deal with his conscience. If the act that he is going to commit is unethical, there is …

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