Research on the Implications of Cross Cultural Communications with the Office Expansion into the United Arab Emirates Office

by Emanuel Cruickshank, June 2014

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Dear Mr. Professor:

It is my honor to transmit to you the research paper “The United Arab Emirates”, which is designed to demonstrate that the cross-cultural conflicts across the workforce in the UAE arise due to the presence of status hierarchies, divergent norms and values, and communication barriers among others.

The research paper enclosed attempts to identify the methods, which are used for investigating the opportunities for conducting business in the UAE. It is proved that the United Arab Emirates offers a wide range of resources and incentives for new businesses and for existing businesses planning to expand. The research paper provides you with details on the key matters that investors should consider when exploring whether to set up in the UAE.

I hope that you will find the information and analysis in the research paper useful, since all considerations may be successfully applied in all of the emirates and can be considered by foreign investors in exploring whether to operate and invest in the UAE.

Respectfully yours,



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Executive Summary

The research paper clearly demonstrates that the UAE is an attractive hub for investors to locate their business interests due to a well-established infrastructure, a nil taxation regime, liberal trade regimes, human resource and employment issues, and economic diversification in trade, logistics, banking, tourism, real estate and manufacturing. The research paper contains various details on key matters that foreign investors should consider when deciding whether to operate in the UAE. In fact, the research paper provides everyone with a useful initial overview of the key matters, which should be obligatory considered when setting up in the UAE.

Indeed, in order to be successful in the United Arab Emirates, it is important to understand not only how multinational corporations adapt to working in a country with various cultural norms, but also how globalization affects traditions and culture of the UAE. Global cultural and ethnic differences not only strongly influence workplace values and business communication, but also directly impact on the profitability of business. Moreover, for companies involved in international business, these differences tend to reveal themselves in situations where much is at stake. Furthermore, it is widely acknowledged that people with different cultural background have different mental models and different approaches to problem solving, thus, creating a great potential and improving the results of the company. Therefore, in order to make the connections essential for ongoing business relationships, it is important to remember that every culture possesses a unique mixture of attitudes, values, and social expectations. Learning about each others’ cultures, or cultural standards of being, thinking, and acting, and promoting cultural sensitivity prior to interacting help to ensure that communication across borders is effective and that business transactions are successful for any company involved in international business.

The United Arab Emirates

What does the Company Need from the UAE?

Culture. Understanding the fact that the supplier should know the purchasing habits and tastes of the country starts with building a knowledge base about the culture aspects and target consumers. In fact, a …

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