Problems University Students Face

by Gwendolyn Contos, June 2014

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Practically each of us either was or will be a student. The study occupies the most part of our life. The student’s life of all students is the same: all students have lectures, examinations, tests. Therefore, all students have common problems.

The first vital problem of all students is their financial state. Students never have enough money, because they do not earn money yet, but their needs are rather high: they need to live somewhere, to eat something, and to enjoy.

Another very important problem is a lack of a sleep. The majority of students neglect their sleep, especially when they spend time, surfing the Internet and communicating in social networks.

The tests and examination period is always an unexpected period for students. They know that examinations are inevitable, but at the same time do not get ready for them in advance. They spend time on entertainments and other kinds of activity, forgetting about the coming check of their knowledge.

The other problem of students is the choice of the leisure activity in a free time. What is better to choose: a disco, a cinema, a billiards, or going to a pub? Thus, the friends-students start to argue where to go, and each of them tries to persuade the others that his choice is the best for spending time.

The greatest fear of all students is the awareness of their parents about their low grades and academic failure. This fact can lead to the expulsion from the university. They respect their parents and do not want to disappoint them, braking their hopes and dreams.

Where to find a beloved person? They remember the love stories of their parents or their friends’ parents, who got acquainted during the study in the university and live a happy life together. However, they should concentrate on the study, not on love, because knowledge will not be mastered well, if the mind is busy with love.

Cheating is very popular among students, and the problem consists in the fact how to cheat and not to be revealed. The written notes used during tests and exams are an integral part of any student. Even the best students use cheating at least once during their student life.

Another very important problem is a psychological state of students. The first very difficult period is the adaptation of the freshmen. Students are put into a new, not-known environment, they have to get used to a new life, new people, and new requirements. Moreover, at this stage the leader qualities should be revealed, because each student group has leaders. Sometimes students groups compete with each other for the leadership in a student community.

Moreover, the desire of students to work and earn money is also very important. Students want to be independent from their parents and earn money. They need money for entertainment. The student age is the most appropriate time for it. The majority of students try to combine the study with work. They try to manage their time correctly and to cram everything in a …

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