Problems and Solutions

by Ossie Hubbell, April 2015

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In every person's life, there are always problems and usually it seems that there very few solutions for them. Some problems might refer to everyday life; the others might appear from time to time and be forgotten. There are problems that resolve themselves with time; and there are those which person should resolve immediately. The only common feature for all problems is that any person is usually frustrated and confused facing new challenges. I think that people are meant to react to any difficult situations with confusion. It is normal. But it does not mean that we should let problems be and avoid their resolution, especially when certain problem or challenge refers to our own lives and might affect our future. The personal problem I would like to discuss is about my future place in society. The problem I have faced recently is that I do not know which place in the society I would like to take and which career to make. It may seem that this question is quite common for any student. And any person faced it at least once in life. But the thing is that it is not just difficult for me to decide which career to make. The problem is that I do not know how to choose a successful path of gradual life building, when the world around is changing so fast. I mean that due to the recent economic recession, general instability in the world, it is no longer easy to say which profession might be necessary in the next few years. Once it was believed that working on the Wall Street was a success. But it is not longer as stable as it was. Except for economic and social instability, it is also difficult for me to see myself doing something real and getting money for it. Of course, the very idea of earning money and making your own decisions is tempting. But I am not sure how to do it and how to make the right decision. It may seem that I am too worried about this problem and I still have plenty of time to think about it. The reason why I am quite concerned about it is not because I have been following the news. The reason is that I have heard many stories of the elder friends of mine who gained their degrees in Politics, Finances and even Chemistry and ended up unemployed or working in McDonald's. I just thought that I do not want to waste my time that way and to start thinking about working solution for myself. I do realise that this problem requires years of efforts, trainings and self-discipline, but I am worried now. In order to calm down I need to come with some kind of working plan or long-termed solution of this problem. If I do come with some kind of plan, I might not be prepared to face the reality when time comes. So might end up having more …

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