One of the most important things the teacher interferes with

by Georgiann Zuk, June 2014

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One of the most important things the teacher interferes with is the community of the classroom, the atmosphere of which depends on whether the teacher was able to create and maintain positive attitude to each member of the class as a part of one social formation.

From the very first day of work at school one of the utmost objectives the teacher is in charge of is promotion of the learners community. I believe that the most effective way to promote friendship in the community of my current classroom is to involve the whole class into collective after-class activities such as parties, picnics, going out together. This will encourage students to make friends and feel comfortable in the circle of classmates.

In addition creative assignments such as participation in different group projects which are aimed at revealing the personalities of the students, their talents and inclinations may help to promote the classroom and create positive atmosphere in class that motivates students to come to school and construct their knowledge.

Another good way to promote the classroom is to make the students work together in class trying to do the challenging assignment provided by the teacher, which involves collaboration, group work, exchanging opinions. Moreover the teacher can use debate, a method which will give students the chance to speak loud and to express their thoughts.

Furthermore mutual assistance can be a great way to help those who fall behind and also to develop friendly relationships among the classmates. It can be carried out by assigning students to be responsible and to help those who fail to cope with understanding the subject.

My teacher already uses group work and pair work to promote the classroom. He tries to encourage students to study by giving them freedom in choosing the theme of the project they want to develop, by employing individual approach to every student.

Positive community helps the teacher create trusting friendly …

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