News Tech Tonight Podcast #372 Summary

by Craig Arzola, June 2014

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Podcast #372 Summary

In the podcast # 372 “NFC – Near Field Communications”, Steve and Leo, the narrators, are giving the listeners the update on security news. The main topic of the following podcast is NFC (Near Field Communications). This is the technology which has been gaining great popularity recently. The following technology is applied in a great quantity of cell phones and other mobile devices worldwide.

At the beginning of the podcast the narrators state that they have made a research concerning the new technology, know a lot about it now and are ready to share this information with the listeners. First of all, the narrators state that there exist a great number of technologies applied in mobile market which compete with each other. They include Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, RFID, IRDA and many others.

So they believe that NFC is a decent competitor for the following technologies. Still, one of the peculiar features of NFC is that it is not used in Apple products. The narrators believe that this is a big neglect as in the nearest future other companies can become much stronger than Apple. There also exists an opinion that maybe the technology is not that strong yet so Apple has made a right decision to wait with its implementing and expect for something more profound to be created. However, the narrators’ opinion is that it is worth having NFC in one’s phone.

Speaking about the peculiar features of the new technology, first of all, it is very fast if to compare it with the closest competitors. Also it is very friendly to hardware implementations which are able to run it even faster.

But for the technology discussed above, in the podcast a number of other technologies are taken into consideration and peculiarities of NFC work in different kinds of devices is tracked.

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