Nature and Scope of Families

by Otelia Barratt, June 2014

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The researches, which were carried out some time ago, showed that cases of family ruining and divorces are more frequent mixed marriages than among endogamic couples, especially where the number of mixed marriages is insignificant. Rather low birth rate among mixed couples is another typical consequence of mixed marriage. One of the important problems is education of children who were born in the mixed marriage. In the USA the majority of children from the mixed marriage (over 70 percentages) are brought up with the Jewish culture while in Europe, on the contrary, only small part of such children gets Jewish education. Education of children, who were born in the mixed marriage, certainly becomes one of the factors defining demographic development of the Jewish people in future.

There is an opinion that healthier, large, more capable and talented children are born in mixed couples. If the matter is about very various people in culture, really, their children can be larger and more viable.

It is well-known that marriages between relatives are adverse; however it is possible to tell the same about too genetically remote persons. The special researches, spent in settlements, where the American Indians and present inhabitants of continent lived in small villages for black and white immigrants together showed that. Children in such families had a great number of hereditary diseases, were more backward than children of the same age.

Marriages that were concluded between people of different races are rather risky. At least, when it is mentioned about the continuation of the family. The matter is that frequently such parents do not think of destiny of their descendants who should live in the homogeneous environment without own ethnic self-determination. Such descendants who do not have problems with physical health (often they are really stronger than others), but have a lot of mental problems.

Bringing up the adopted child, foster homes quite often face variety of problems and need the qualified help of psychologists (and sometimes psychiatrists) for diagnostics and correction not only specific features of the child, but also relations inside the family, foster home functioning as a whole.

The mutual love with the headend child cannot get on for a long time. Firstly, the main reason is simple jealousy (often mutual). Because both apply for absolute love and attention of the same woman. Only «weight categories» are different. One can let himself be whimsical due to the age, and another cannot, he wants much.

The teenager in a foster home much more sharply, than children of younger age, has following feelings:

The fear before the unknown;

The fear that in the present or the future a foster home will repudiate him. And that will be the same as it has already happened with his biological parents.

Family life is defined not only individual characteristics of those or other members of the family, but also the social circumstances, that environment where the family lives. Father, who has left the family, is often perceived by the …

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