My Perfect Workday

by Dovie Spinney, July 2015

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I work as the marketing director in the famous company known as FedEx Ground. Our company provides the most reliable, accurate, and day-definite services hence the appropriate shipment service for consumers seeking to deliver their products on time. My work as the marketing director is to oversee implementation of the strategies and objectives of the company within the department. This is to ensure that we manage to acquire competitive advantage over other leading players within the market and industry. This entails adoption of numerous technological developments in order to improve standards and quality of services by the company. The aim of the organization is to be the best shipment company within across the globe thus an effective and efficient facilitator of the movement of goods and services from one location to another. My other roles include staying in touch with the market to identify new techniques to improve the company, plan and oversee implementation of daily activities within the department, and conducts extensive evaluation of the achievement of the goals and objectives.

My perfect workday would entail arriving at work as early as 7.00 am. Since this is before the official office hour, it provides the perfect opportunity to plan my work for the day effectively and appropriately. During this perfect workday, I would also appreciate other office employees reporting as early as possible with the aim of improving their qualities in relation to service delivery. In the process of executing roles and responsibilities, positive feedbacks from our prominent consumers would offer perfect motivation to the employees. This would illustrate how our services are being appreciated in the market hence achievement of the goals and objectives. This would motivate employees to exert extra efforts in order to improve their output levels thus enhance qualities and standards of service delivery. The feeling of meeting the needs and preferences of the consumers would ice my perfect …

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