My Life Philosophy

by Miriam Balducci, July 2015

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My Life Philosophy

My life is not easy, but interesting at the same time. My parents are simple people: my mother is a housewife, and my father works as a farmer. I was married twice; my first marriage was a failure, while my second one looked like a paradise. In several months after the first divorce I met another man, a self-confident handsome man, who changed my life and made me happy. My second husband was my old admirer, who loved me for many years. I quitted my highly paid work as a journalist and began my literary creativity. We have four children and lived a happy life until a woe came to me: my beloved husband died. Having lived such an interesting life, darkened by the death of the beloved man, I was never married again; vice versa I was faithful to my only love - to my second husband.

The woe, which darkened my existence, made me suffer for years. These endless sufferings seem the end of life to me. However, I found powers to live, knowing that our common children would never endure another woe - my death.

The philosophy of life came to me after my husband’s death. Fortunately, I could express all my internal thoughts and ideas in my novels, which began to be born quickly. The difficulties and sorrows make people stronger, and thus I became stronger with every coming day.

I understood that I should live and go ahead, and only this movement could give powers to live. I learnt to feel, think, emphasize and do the good for the surrounding people. The most important thing for me was to know that I could change everything and to perceive bad experiences in life from the philosophical point of view. A clear understanding of the fact that I was a personality and that I could achieve the highest peaks came to me. I understood that I was the biggest authority for my own self in my life. I remembered an old saying: “Looking at the past, take your hat off, looking at the future - roll up your sleeves”. The quality of the surrounding world depends only on your own self. Happiness is self-satisfaction. I found the truth in the Cicerone’s words: “The one who depends only on oneself and sees everything in oneself is happier than others”.

I understood that the most important thing is to avoid emptiness in soul. There should be aim in life, which forces a person to shine. My children became my aim. I learnt to estimate uniqueness of my personality and became the master of my own life. The desire is the thought which was raised by us, and we know that the thought can make wonders.

Happiness is initially put in our souls, it is in each heart. It is a spark, it is the God’s part, which should be found and presented to the world. It …

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