Module 8 Reading Guide Questions

by Krystle Hadley, June 2014

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1. According to Socrates, the virtuous life is to be preferred and fostered because it is connected with nature of Gods and the right course of things. The philosopher expressed an opinion that everything just is directly correlated with Gods and their will, hence, just behavior, morality and virtuous life are sacred. It is important for every human being to act in a just manner that would help to resemble Gods, become closer to these divine creatures and receive their blessings (Plato, 2008). Although sometimes it seems that just kind people are miserable and unlucky, in the long run, they would be inevitable rewarded for their devotion to noble virtuous principles. Besides, a just person would be granted blessings in the next life that would commemorate his commitment to justice. Moreover, just behavior is tightly connected with a human understanding of the right and the wrong. Hence, an immoral person would never feel happy deep inside even if he seems to be extremely successful and fortunate. This lack of inner happiness and harmony would be his lifetime torture. However, a just poor man living in bad conditions would possess a feeling of inner harmony that would make him superior to a wealthy successful immoral person.

2. Pojman demonstrates that although moral activity does indeed serve our own better interests, not all moral acts are motivated by self interest. People may be motivated by sincere noble feelings while sacrificing themselves for the sake of others. For example, when a passer-by saves a strange child crossing the road preventing the child from an injury or a possible death at the cost of his own injury, it is clearly not connected with self interest. In this situation, a passer-by would have a very limited amount of time to make a decision and react accordingly. It is highly unlikely that he would consider within several seconds or less his possible fame, exposure in newspapers and other positive consequences. This time would be enough to react only and the action would be based on a noble instinctive desire to help a vulnerable human being in a difficult situation. Besides, when children take care about their elderly parents, they generally do not do it for self- satisfaction or due to any selfish motives. They love to spend time with dear people and give them a lot of care and tenderness. This beautiful experience brings a lot of joy to all the involved parties and makes every moment special. Naturally, a lot of people select their future professions based on the future compensation and career prospects. However, some individuals just like to serve others and help them making it a career, profession, and a real devotion. There is no doubt that self interest is a strong motivator, however, often people are characterized by noble and moral feelings influencing them to act in a virtuous way.

3. I am firmly convinced that the moral life is the "good" life even if it …

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