Microtheme - Hector and Achilles

by Erna Stonebraker, June 2014

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The microtheme from Troy about the fight between Achilles and Hector is well worth analysing, since it is truly one of the most prominent and artistic scenes of the whole movie. Achilles is extremely ferocious while fighting his enemy over the recent death of his beloved cousin. On the one hand, one can easily understand the wrath of Achilles, whose friend and close relative got killed by Hector, and he tries his best to make revenge. However, on the other hand, his anger and madness cannot be completely justified, because while killing the cousin, Hector did not even care who the man was. In war, people kill each other without caring whose cousins, brothers or fathers they are. Plenty of people get killed on battlefields being considered to be enemy soldiers, who either kill or get killed.

The Trojan prince Hector is a well-known successful fighter, who is respected by the Greek army. He has no other way out but to defend himself in the fight with Achilles, who, in turn, is hungry for revenge. At the same time, Hector is not devoid of humane features. The wrath of Achilles is difficult to describe: his beloved friend Patroclus is killed, there is no hope to see him once more, and Achilles cannot stop killing all Trojans that he encounters. Being in rage, he enjoys slaughtering and has no mercy left. The anger is in the very essence of Achilles’ being, and this man cannot be a warrior on a battlefield and a merciful human being in his daily life. Even if he wished to change, it would be not possible for him. At the same time, once cannot but agree that these traits of Achilles character contribute to his fame as a great warrior, and he would have not succeeded as a warrior if he were merciful with his enemies.

During the fight scene it is obvious that Achilles has no fear and, moreover, he seems not to know what fear is! He has an immense physical and inner power during the battle, and nothing can stop him. Achilles keeps on repeating “Get up, prince of Troy”, he is obviously enjoying the moments of the battle. Achilles seems unstoppable, and there is too much anger in his eyes. After he injures Hector’s left chest, he does not lose the chance to strike him once more.

The combination of music and swords clashing on the scene background has a powerful effect over the viewers of the movie. The audience watching the fighters make movie viewers feel even more stressed as well. It is noteworthy that the fight scene is characterized by a very good choreography. The characters of Hector and Achilles are truly convincing, and the naturalism of their appearance and behaviour do contribute to the effect of the scene. The image of …

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