Media Strategies Report

by Song Hankin, June 2014

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Mass media (such as television, magazines, newspapers, radio, the Internet and the social networks) are the common means through which information about product or organization can be communicated to targeted audience. A media strategy is a overall plan that directs the media interaction of the organization. Media strategy ensures that messaging will be compatible, organized and targeted. Within a media strategy, it is necessary to build and manage the positive public image. Campaign-targeted media strategies is easier to implement when relationships with media have been already established.

Communication efforts are flourishing and properly directed when they are based on organization’s general mission and implemented with concrete and unique goals in mind. These goals should be measurable, specific, achievable, time-bound and realistic. Key team of reliable and creative people should develop media strategy concerning the representation of the organization, campaign or issue to the general public. Once the overall goals of campaign are established and the key stakeholders are identified, the next stage is to identify target audience. With target audience in mind it is the time to establish a comprehensive theme for media strategy. A good method to implement the overall theme of the compaign is to base the messages for the media on their key concerns and look for the means to overcome the possible obstacles that will be in the way to reaching them.

Once, the theme is defined, it is a time to find the best way to win the target audience. First, it is necessary to identify what sources of information for this audience? When sources of information are established, it is necessary to find the most suitable tactic to disseminate the campaign information, as well as it is important to decide on trustworthy messenger for delivering the information to target audience. It is also important to define the type of media or mix of media means for delivering the message to have the most impact on target audience’s consciousness. Having accomplished prior stages, it will facilitate to determine the means of mass media to implement the media strategy. The most appropriate method of promotion the strategy can be mainstream media means such as radio, newspapers, social media, TV, paid advertising, the Internet, or a complex of these options. For instance, the target audience can be not highly literate, so audiovisual media such as television or radio may become the most appropriate options. For the predominantly urban, computer-literate, middle-class target audience a complex of TV, radio, magazines, newspapers, social networks and the Internet engagement is usually the most effective option. If some of options of media distribution occurred to be noneffective, the another would became the predominate choice. The means of media, which are chosen by target audience, provide the notion of what type of media have to be monitored for stories related to the campaign in order to react to feedbacks or provide input on issues related to the campaign. Once, the type of media to be employed is determined, it is a …

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