Language Planning in Bazakhstan

by Thersa Reale, June 2014

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While being a young independent state, it is significantly important to Bazakhstan to distinguish the official state language. But as the country has a complex population of five different ethnic groups – the Kumikh, the Gaguz, the Nogai, the Kashi, and the Bolgar – the language issue becomes as a very hot topic, the importance of which is difficult to overestimate.

According to the statistical research data 35% of the Bazakhstan population belongs to the Gaguz. On the first view it is natural to use their language as the official one. But if fact it is impossible as the Gaguz language (as well as Kumikh language) has no written form so that it can’t be used as the official as it is impossible to conduct the documentary.

As for the Kashi language, it is also not likely that it will become the state language as its writing form hasn’t been standardized yet so that it also can cause many difficulties and misunderstandings.

No doubt, that the most appropriate languages for official status are the Nogai (12% of the population) or the Bolgar (10% of the population). Nevertheless that the amount of native speakers is not as multitudinous, both these languages have better developed language infrastructure comparing to the others. However, the Bolgar language is supposed to be the best for the official status as the most governmental officials as well as the teachers, doctors and businessmen are representatives of the Bolgar group. This language also has the one very competitive edge i.e. although originally it has Cyrillic alphabet, which makes it easy understandable for those who know Russian, the Bolgars support the idea of using the Latin alphabet so that the Bolgars will have assess to the materials written in other Turkie languages much easier. The linguistic heritage of the Bolgar language as well as the infrastructure (newspapers and magazines) is also very diverse.

In order to popularize the new official language the Concept of national language policy should be implied.

The Concept of national language policy (hereinafter - the Concept) is a system of fundamental regulatory guidelines, which is based on a combined assessment of the language situation in Bazakhstan and which should be followed by governmental agencies and local governments in their practice in order to regulate the social relations in the linguistic field.

In the system of national priorities the language policy has firmly established itself as its strategic objective and along with guaranteeing the linguistic rights, its aim is to strengthen the social harmony and political stability as well as to ensure the unity of the country.

The establishment and development of the official language is the priority of language policy in Bazakhstan - a backbone of the Bazakhstan statehood. Without the proper functioning of the official language in all regions of Bazakhstan, the nation is in danger of losing the status and the gradual disappearance from ethnic …

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