Language Analysis Plan

by Kerrie Stam, June 2014

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Nowadays, the problem of teaching children to read has become very important. There are a lot of professionals who are involved in teaching reading, but the results have proven that a lot of children in the United States lack reading skills as soon as they go to school. In order to demonstrate good reading skills, professionals should use good and well-planned strategies with clear instructions in kindergarten, as kindergarten phase is the most appropriate for the development of reading skills. Teachers should contribute to the development of language analysis skills, such as recognition of letters and sounds, reading, decoding of letters, vocabulary building and many others. Language analysis skill will contribute to the understanding of what is being taught and thus children will learn to read in a comprehensive manner rather quickly. Let us focus our attention on a detail description of the curriculum-based activity. The activity will be devoted to the teaching of reading different sounds, using phonics. Phonics teaches to read parts of different words. The curriculum-based activity. “Diphthong [ei]” Production Positional Length ComparisonAbe 2. Game 3. Lay bade – bake bade - bedAim fame may laid – late late - letAche dame say made – mate mate – metThe instructions that can be used in this activity are the following ones: 1. Look at the words and listen to me; 2. Listen to me and repeat the words after me; 3. Read the …

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