by Ezekiel Heikkinen, May 2015

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Nowadays, there are many religions all over the world. As there are many different nations, so there are many religions, which actually proves the fact that all people are different and have different beliefs. People are born with the desire to have a strong faith in something, which actually helps overcome different problems and barriers and motivates people to improve and develop during entire life.

Frankly speaking, I did not find it difficult to choose what religion to write about, though a lot of people find it difficult to choose a concrete religion to be described, as all the religions are very different and contain different beliefs and conceptions. People usually choose to write about something familiar, but this time I decided to write about not very familiar to me religion, Judaism. There are different opinions concerning this religion and actually a lot of misconceptions surround this religion, which actually drew my attention. Recently, I had the possibility to communicate with a person who was a very pleasant and friendly man. As he was very talkative, we touched upon different topics of interest and one of them was the issue of a religion. We touched this topic upon quite by chance. Two boys that were passing by were very rude and they nearly beat each other. At this very moment, the man judged their behavior in a very severe way. Then, he added that he tried to do a lot of positive things in order to come to Paradise after death. My question followed immediately: “Do you really believe in Hell and Paradise?” He stated that it was one of the primary conceptions of his religion. He noticed my great interest in Judaism and invited me to a religious education center in order to get more information about the peculiarities of this religion. I took the invitation and visited the center, the impressions of which are unforgettable and the information I got there dispelled all my suppositions and refuted my misconceptions.

As soon as I entered the religious center, I was deeply impressed by the friendly atmosphere there. I imagined that the atmosphere there would be rather tense, as I believed that Judaism is a very strict religion, though that was not so.

I believed that this religion was similar with other religions, but I found out that it differed from all other religions greatly. Judaism is considered to be the most ancient religion: it appeared in 1077, though a lot of its conceptions existed even earlier. The citizens of Israel (Judaism is very popular there) lived in accordance with more than 600 of laws and in accordance with 10 commandments. They believed that any person who disobeyed some laws could not be a true religious person. Judaist laws touched upon different spheres of life, not only religious, which impressed me deeply, because the issues of other religions usually touch upon sacred things only. Judaist laws, however, dictated the norms of behavior, moral, ethic, and aesthetic standards, the rules that were popular in …

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