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by Erna Stonebraker, July 2015

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It is evident that social institutions have clearly defined organizational systems, which function to satisfy basic needs of every person through an ordered framework (Anderson, and Taylor, 2006). It is also noteworthy that apart from the system providing for the basic needs it also links the individual to the larger culture. This shows how valuable these institutions have to man’s life; for such institutions are extremely basic in the nature that they contribute to man’s daily activities. It can be argued that such institutions are not created but rather just happen. With the statement, I mean that no one chooses to be born into a certain kin, in a given country or of a given religion.It is thus essential that all social institutions be treated with respect given the contribution they make in the becoming of a complete person. This is because if any social institution is compromised, there is a possibility that something somewhere will go wrong, and this is especially for the basic social institutions. Let’s say the political institutions get compromised, this means that the life of an individual will be adversely affected, because in as much it only deals with laws and welfare of the society, that person growing from a compromised family will need a stable government to fill in the gap.For that matter, I feel that social institutions are the best thing that ever happened to man for without the institutions, maybe we would still be in the Stone Age or everything could be confusion. In an example, there would be no distinction of family roles or rather dominant social values that could guide man thus leading to utter confusion.Sociological Perspectives on the MediaThe media are an essential tool especially in the current world where everyone yearns for information. This is because information has become an admirable power in this technological globe, for it serves many purposes that could not have been done in its absence (Anderson, and Taylor 21). I agree that media socializes people, but it reaches a time when it becomes addictive, and this is the worst situation to find oneself in, for one becomes a slave to media.Therefore, if the media are capable of making people do things, I do not believe it should be the right way to go, when we have social institutions to cater for such functions. Therefore, when one says that media enforces social norms, I beg to differ because it is only when one lets the media manipulates him that he succumbs to what he sees and hears and tries to act it.This makes me agree with the fact that media exacerbates many of the divisions in the society and the world, and this is true because looking at the world now with increased consumption of media, there have erupted so many social evils (Anderson, and Taylor 26). When I say this, I refer to juvenile delinquency, where media has functioned to perpetuate crime among the young, thus compromising the function of family …

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