Izmir, Turkey/ Discussion of oil

by Chad Steffy, June 2014

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While traveling to Anatolia I was very surprised by the weather change, we have experienced. The climate there is much colder and wetter, unlike what we have here in Izmir. Such climate change is caused by the geographical position of the two regions (Linacre).

The water of the Aegean Sea at the Izmir under the influence of the Sun evaporates and goes up to the atmosphere, which causes frequent rains. During the warm months, the Sea heats up and when it is getting cooler, the water slowly chills out, partially supporting warm weather. This is why the winters here are very mild. On the contrary, snowy mountain peaks of Anatolia and absence of the Sea are the reasons of its harsh climate. The higher is the mountain the cooler is the air, as it does not absorb the heat appropriately. The moisture in the air is blocked by mountains that may cause heavy rains. Because there is no exit to this moisture, the air is wet.

Oil is an important part of every person’s everyday life. In order to get somewhere we use cars, busses and planes. Any transport runs on oil, so without oil we will not be able to use cars and busses. Also, oil is used for the production of many goods and materials (for example, paint or plastic). This is why the impact of oil on our everyday life is huge. As well, we have to keep in mind that the resources of oil are limited and we must use it efficiently.

In order to make US less dependent on oil, our scientists should work hard on the research of oil’s alternatives. If we will be able to substitute oil with something else, our country will not be any longer so dependent on oil. Thus, we can invent new things that will not need oil in order to work. For example, much oil is spent for fuel and this is why many automobile makers produce cars that use energy and not petroleum. By developing this further and searching what else can substitute oil in every specific case, the US will save many tons of oil and be less dependent on it.

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