Influence of Media on society

by Sam Lemos, June 2014

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Today, media’s boom influences all aspects of human life, which leads to realizing the importance of people’s social consciousness, their communication, interaction and relationships in all spheres of life. In fact, modern life conditions make an individual accept public opinion and social culture. These public opinion and social culture do not emerge from anywhere. They are developed by someone and turned to the right direction (Dill, 2009) Social culture is a set of ideas associated with a man’s existence in the world, so it is reflected not only in human consciousness, but also in social relations, and in religious and scientific views of the world. The process of total informatization is an all-pervasive feature of modern civilization. The thesis statement “the one who owns the information, owns the world” is becoming increasingly important in the informational society (Potter, 2012).Media are a complex of institutions, which generate a single information space, consolidating people’s thoughts, feelings, and desires into a single opinion. There is no doubt that media have a great influence on society. However, it is very difficult to assess the impact of media on a man, because underestimating the media’s influence on society and the manipulation of public opinion cause the degeneration of cultural values, art and science, morality and spirituality, and education and upbringing (Potter, 2012).Our group has chosen the topic “Influence of Media on Society” because media’s role is constantly increasing in the modern epoch of globalization. Today, media have become an important part of spiritual production rather than information exchange tool. The media offered reality is certainly mediated by someone’s opinion. This reality does not offer any reflections or analysis. In some cases, this information can be dangerous, as one takes it for granted; thus, being exposed to suggestion. In addition, the choice of the topic was caused by the feeling of anxiety because of the growth of unwarranted aggression and violence, the destruction of traditional human values, the reduction of sensitivity threshold, and the lack of spiritual leaders.In the market conditions, media have lost their once-essential functions of upbringing and education. Today’s media are a business, whose main goal is making huge profits. For this reason, media tend to use all means to attract a mass consumer audience. Typically, media do not present a man in a favorable light, but only satisfy people’s immediate needs. Thus, the center of gravity has shifted from a civil institution to a service field (Dill, 2009).Unfortunately, a lot of people fail to maintain the balance between the media offered reality and the real life. In order to do this, society needs to shift the focus of social philosophy from the external to the internal world of a person, and higher social and spiritual feelings (Potter, 2012).The purpose of this research project is to study the issue of how media influence the young generation and give a qualitative and quantitative assessment of media’s impact on the minds of young audiences. Hypotheses of the StudyModern youth lacks editions that take into account …

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