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by Abby Harnden, July 2015

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Peer Review

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Assignment: 186291 - Passable Strengths

The writer has clearly indicated and discussed the issue of employee turnover. This has been indicated by the highlight on how the issue has become a significant problem to the business community. This has been supported by utilization of statistics from a conducted survey in United States and Canada. The survey also indicated that the issue has been felt worldwide and raised awareness in companies. Companies, as a result, have developed strategies to investigate employee turnover. This has further been advanced by researching ways to cut down the turnover. The writer has developed an efficient discussion, which entails all the issues involved in employee turnover.WeaknessesAlthough the writer has discussed the entire theories regarding employee turnover, Vocational personality has not been adequately discussed. Vocational personality deals with the superior characteristics of individuals. People with a certain strong trait are given responsibility for work under that area. However, the writer has only indicated that those employees that are above average are delegated the duty. This is not true as Specialization training and productivity are the main aspects that are considered. This is because it saves the companies the cost and expenses that would, however, being used in extra training for the role. Similarly, the writer does not indicate communication as a major issue. This is not true as lack of proper communication among employee, and their seniors are the main root of problems.

Assignment: 186290 - Passable Strengths

It is well discussed that emotional exhaustion is a reason for people voluntarily leaving their jobs. This is explained where emotional exhaustion is indicated as a cause for job dissatisfaction, which results in employees quitting their jobs. It is also true to say that, companies that experienced constant employee turnover require development of different approaches to retain their workers. This is well supported by the indicator that, training new employees is costly and time consuming. Rather, companies should come up with strategies to develop new skills for current employees. Similarly, there is a strong point on how companies would deal with the problem of employee turnover. This is by having the ability to identify the occurrence of emotional occurrence in time to solve and retain their workers. WeaknessesThe writer fails to explain clearly how career theories lead to employee turnover. This includes that point where work adjustment is discussed. It is not indicated how failure of managers to sustain their employees occur. It only indicates how managers benefit from it by making them comprehend the occurrence of employee turnover. Further, it does not provide a solution to the problem but only highlights the possibilities. Personal issues such as the need for social life are indicated as a reason for employee turnover, which does not occur in many cases. The writer does not also indicate how managers would help in eliminating employee’s dissatisfaction in their workplace.

Assignment: 186289 - Capable Strengths

The introduction concerning employee turnover has been well indicated. This is where it is defined as the rate at …

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