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by Shalanda Bacchus, June 2014

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Do you Agree or Disagree with the Following Statement? Television Has Destroyed Communication Among Friends and Family

We all know that television is considered to be one of the greatest inventions of humanity. It allowed fostering the development of globalization as it started to broadcast certain events of one part of the world and deliver it to the other one. All this contributed to the enhanced interest in mass communication. Initially, it was very socially favorable to engage people in building awareness of the certain issues and in terms of gaining more insights and information. But, over the last decade, television has become the source of high dependency and entertainment, making people abandon their usual lifestyles and nailing them to TV sets. We believe that television has destroyed communication between friends and family.

The first reason for this is increased engagement. Due to the fact that most people spend much time near TV sets, they talk less live with their friends and family members. And although families may be united by watching one common program or movie, the practice reveals that both children and parents have different tastes. And the affordability of television only extended the gap, where adults watch certain programs and children watch different cartoons, each using different TV sets.

Secondly, television encourages no action. It means that instead of going outside, people prefer staying at home. Moreover, this finds reflection in other aspects of life, where most people fail to become leaders and do not know what they want from their lives. Regarding the diversity of TV programs, movies, news, sports events and music, people no longer see the need in live entertainment, which makes them passive and rather self-oriented. So, due to the fact that television totally satisfies basic human needs, communication between friends and relatives seems to be unnecessary.

All in all, it becomes obvious that we are hooked upon television to the extent of our survival. We tend to live for watching television and going to work. Almost all our spare time is given to television and Internet, which negatively contributes to our life position marked by anti-socialization. If you continue to do so, there would be no way out. It is high time to find the real value in friends and family, being distracted from TV screens.

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