I agree with that people should work hard to succeeed

by Naida Carew, June 2014

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When people success, it is because of hard work. Luck has nothing to do with success.

Many people believe that success comes only to those people who are lucky. Of course, it is real luck to find fortune or receive millions of dollars of inheritance form an uncle whom you had never known. However, such cases are extremely rare and most of the people who are famous all over the world for their success have nothing common with that.

Instead, they are known to work a lot and using every opportunity to come a step closer to their dream. Life of every person is valuable and relying on luck only means wasting it. Instead, practicing of self discipline and having the right attitudes towards work are very important.

Even such simple thing as vision of the future and success depends upon the way a person controls his or her actions. Developing a positive attitude towards work and working hard significantly increases chances of people to reach success and reduce risks of failure.

Probably, the reason is that working hard means overcoming a greater amount of problems than if one would not work, it means taking greater responsibility, facing a greater amount of difficulties, making feedbacks and correcting errors. Such actions inevitably lead to more successful practices and this has nothing common with luck.

As a rule, people see success of some person and believe that luck is the only reason. However, they become aware only about the results of the hard work, but not about the work itself – the amount of little and insignificant steps which were made to reach the aim are left behind and these are not paid any attention to.

Today many successful people are asked how they have reached success and nobody hides the fact that they had to get up early and work till late night to develop their business, to contribute to something important, etc. Activity of these people was aimed at overcoming of endless difficulties and using each opportunity which is given by life.

However, it is important to pay attention to the fact that not all people are born in equal conditions and not all of them are provided with equal support from the part of their families – career of some person might be based on education at Oxford, while the other person earned a fortune working hard.

This fact might be an argument for luck if not experience of many millionaires who have not even attended colleges or universities – their success was formed by hardworking, using their talents to the greatest measure, taking risks, and using each opportunity which is given by the life to promote their business or reach their aims.

Perhaps, it is possible to claim that such famous and successful people as Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Rockefeller and many others owe their success to luck – however, their hardworking was the condition to create this luck.

Good luck comes from working as …

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