Human Trafficking

by Hassie Canela, May 2015

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Human Trafficking as a threat to the mankind safety

Historical background

Causes for human trafficking

A. Opponent’s point of view

B. Refutation

Forms of human trafficking

Opponent’s point of view


Ways to solve to problem

Opponent’s point of view



Human trafficking is a great demand of the modern world

Human life and freedom are the main values


A. Human Trafficking as a threat to the mankind safety

Human freedom is one of the most important values of the civilized society, while the guarantee of the human freedom inviolability is the main function of the state. Human trafficking has become the most fast growing and profitable activity for the transnational organized crime. Statistics irrefutably points out to the tendency of the human trafficking growth in many countries of the world. The UN gives us unbiased statistics which says that about 27 million people are held in servitude. The worst thing is that the number of slaves is not falling down, but even increasing.

The UN researches say that the most critical situation concerning human trafficking are in such countries as Nepal, Sudan, the UAE, India, Gabon, Haiti, Myanmar and others. These researches say that annually about 4 million people are sold, bought, kidnapped, and smuggled involuntarily. The international experts focus that annual profits from human trafficking reach 9,5 billion dollars. According to the other experts’ data the profits from such activity are about 19 billion dollars. About 80% of human trafficking victims are women and girls, about 50 % of which are under eighteen. The majority of them are exposed to sexual exploitation for commercial gain.

Among the factors that involve victims to the human trafficking system are low economical development of their home country, poverty, supposed attractiveness of life in the other country, lack of employment, corruption, political unrest, or military disputes. By the profits gained for human trafficking this crimes comes after drug trafficking and illegal arms trafficking. Struggle against human trafficking must become the number one task all over the world.

Historical background

Jack closed the text-book of law and became thoughtful. He couldn’t realize how all of those things he had just read about were possible in the modern world while human rights are declared as one of the most important issue. It was out of Jack’s understanding how can normal person do so horrifying things with other people, moreover with women and children. But what about other aspects of life of the traffickers and recruiters? Are they the same monsters with people surrounding them as with their victims? He didn’t think so. Jack was sure that in every day life human traffickers are loving husbands or wives, caring parents, good neighbours. But what deviations could influence their minds that they treat other human beings worse than animals? May be it is an effect of the genome memory when slave traffickers sold people …

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