How To Learn From An Unsuccessful Experience

by Kerrie Stam, July 2015

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My Unsuccessful Experience

They say that action is the basic of life – the more we act, the more we live. However, not all our actions, plans, aspirations turn out to be successful, but they fail. In most cases such experience is unpleasant and it is not desired. However, I believe that such situations are worth questioning whether they are really failures? Or maybe everything is not so bad? I am concerned that looking at failures as at experience which teaches us something is the best way to face them. Surprisingly, but there many benefits can be drawn from such experience.

So, the first thing which we learn after making some mistake is accepting criticism. Since we know that a mistake was made, so there should be a person to point it out, otherwise we would think that everything went well. So, acceptance of the fact that something was done wrong and we should be criticized is lesson number one.

Sometimes the person who found the mistake points out the reason, sometimes it remains to be a mystery. However, leaving it just the way it is at the failure moment is not the best option available. It is much better to find out what was wrong and it is even better to find that out with no help of other people. Surprisingly, but everything which we learn on our own represents the best life lessons, while advice of other people are frequently disregarded and lead to repeating the same mistakes.

Unfortunately, it is not always easy and even not always possible to determine what went wrong on one’s own. In such cases one should not be afraid to ask for help. Frequently, especially shy people do not tend to ask about something they do not know. However, this step is very important and it promotes development of individuality greatly.

If we make a mistake, this means that in some situations, there might be people who were right. This fact is very important to be admitted as it widens the worldview and teaches us to take into account opinion of other people, even before the next mistake is made.

And of course, remaking the actions on the basis of a better plan, which was developed after all the mistakes and failures are thought over. It is very important to make more attempts if possible because giving up means being passive, that is making less action and as a consequence, achieving less.

All the actions which are made are limited in time – some of them have deadlines, while others just require taking into account the time of performance. Anyway, managing time is very important while remaking something after a failure. The reason is that there is always less time for the second attempt and even less for the third one. So, time management is one of the issues which are taught by failures.

If all the actions, which have been described above (recognition of mistakes, communication, improvement, management of time, etc.) are taking into account while doing something, they …

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