Globalization in the UAE Government Hospital

by Mariana Galipeau, July 2015

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Globalization in the UAE Government Hospital

Globalization and its Opportunities


It is becoming clear that the UAE government is an important actor in the development process of the healthcare sector. This is because its role in ensuring that globalization is functional is paramount for all the healthcare sectors, doing away with poverty, income inequality, ensuring democracy in the administration of hospitals. The concept of globalization has brought with itself impact on the healthcare sector in the UAE. These impacts have presented both opportunities for the government as well as the limitations in the healthcare sector.

Globalization has impacted on the social awareness of the patients and their democracy in treatment. Consequently its impact on the economy has made people to improve their standard of living thus seeking medical attention since they can now afford treatment in the government hospitals.

Globalization in hospitals in UAE has enabled the government to promote medical travel in the country through ways such as brochures, road shows and through foreign embassies. Thus hospitals in the country have realized the importance of participating in the MDA Policy thanks to globalization. Additionally studies show that globalization has made the hospitals to practice the process of sharing the clinical practices through the creation of “multinational delivery of healthcare services” by the government (Beck, 2000). Thus with globalization this practice is likely to increase thus presenting a nice opportunity for the government hospitals.

Apparently globalization has made patients afford the medicals in hospitals due to improved economy in the UAE. Thus patients have benefitted greatly due to this phenomenon.


However despite the opportunities presented by globalization, this phenomenon faces a number of limitations and challenges. Some of this includes costs for implementation for the hospitals that are integrating into the world economy. This is because in order to effect change costs need to be incurred.


Beck, U.,(2000). Globalization and its Impacts, Online Journal, Vol. 6(4), pp. 56-70, Polity Press: Cambridge, UK.



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