Friendship withdrawal

by Shalonda Fogel, May 2015

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I remember me breaking up with one of my best friends, Mike. It all seemed a perfect friendship. We studied together at college and attended the same judo section. We spent together free time – went for a walk, to the cinema, hung out with girls. We respected the same human values as honesty, stoutness and courage, responsibility, intelligence, sincerity and faithfulness. But he had one bad feature that I could always feel, even though he tried to overbear and not to show it. Because of me performing better and showing better results in sport competitions and studying he was always a little bit envious. At the beginning it was a normal friendly competition that served us as a motivation for better results. But as he kept lacking behind the competition got an abnormal and even sometimes hostile attitude from his side.

Once after a training at judo section, when we were in the dressing room he had told the other boys that I was taking sport nutrition supplements to show better results. Even though it wasn’t anything serious, and most of other athletes were also taking supplements, I told him to keep it in secret as I didn’t want the other know it. I was very shocked of this kind of his behaviour and we had a serious argument afterwards. And what he found as an excuse for himself was that I was always showing the best results as it was likely to be obvious for the others. But the point is that friends have to keep the secrets and why did he have to discuss it with the other athletes if I asked him not to tell it to anybody. As I’m not very stubborn I forgave him after my emotions calmed down. But trust is like a sheet of paper – once you crumple it, it will never be smooth again.

But the last time it was already too much. The last semester we were given a research assignment that we should have done alone or in groups of two people and hand in to the professor by mail. At that period we also had local judo championship. I made the assignment myself in forehand. Mike asked me if I could sign him to our group as if we were doing the assignment together and explained that he had no time, because this championship was very important for him and he wanted to be well prepared. I agreed because still considered him as my best friend. I send a cope of an assignment on his mail. The next day in college when the results of the assignment were to be announced, the professor announced the result of the assignment as made on his own… He betrayed me, stole my assignment and told the lecturer that it was made by him. I was so disappointed and shocked I couldn’t say a word for a while.

I couldn’t forgive such kind of behaviour despite having been friends with him for so many …

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