“Freedom Riders”

by Armanda Brien, July 2015

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I have chosen a documentary “Freedom Riders” that conveys a story about brave civil rights activists who attempted to creatively challenge segregation in American South during 1960s (Freedom Riders, 2012). I decided to pick this film as it is not just a single chapter in history, but a suspenseful drama that appeals to human emotions, revealing the truth Jim Crow laws that were still in local force. The central message of this film is to persuade the viewer that even a single event over the course of the entire history can be extremely significant and clear once it is presented in full moment-to-moment detail.

For example, from the documentary we get to know about thirteen activists who were traveling on the board of two buses heading from Washington to New Orleans. The importance of this movie for a history class is in presentation and important episode and illustrating the ways how rebellions and civil rights movement were can be handled. In “Freedom Riders” we notice that one bus was set aflame, whereas the passengers of the second bus were beaten by the police in Birmingham. This documentary has no weaknesses as it presented the story very specifically, leaving no room for debate or controversy. That is why, the social justice message is obvious and social purpose of the text is understood.

After watching this movie, I am interested in why authorities decided to handle the movement in such a cruel way. I am also concerned whether it was the consequence of the power abuse. This movie has only shaped my awareness of such a cruelty to the greater extent. I learn that justice cannot be earned and cannot sometimes be justified. The overall content of the movie is relevant to African American Society that has the direct reference to slavery in the Deep South during 1960s.


Freedom Riders (2012). PBS.

HYPERLINK "http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/americanexperience/freedomriders/watch" http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/americanexperience/freedomriders/watch




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